Dental growth begins with the formation of milk teeth or deciduous teeth that have begun when the fetus is 14 weeks in the womb. It is important to know how to keep the teeth and mouth of the mother in the masakehamilan so that the baby is born has a healthy and perfect teeth.

Ensuring the condition of the mother to have healthy teeth and gums before pregnancy can reduce the risk of dental disease and other complications. In addition, regularly maintaining early oral hygiene before pregnancy supports routine care that has worked well, uninterrupted or disconnected in the first months of pregnancy and after delivery. This needs to be done given the possibility that in early pregnancy, the mother will be more tired and may forget the routine of dental and mouth care. It is advisable to visit a dentist before pregnancy because a visit to the dentist will be easier to do before or after the mother experienced the period of morning sickness (nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy that usually occurs in the morning)

During pregnancy, keeping the nutritional intake of pregnant women’s food has a goal to make the tooth seeds in infants in the womb is perfectly formed. The necessary nutritional intake of foods includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D, fluoride and calcium are needed to form or build teeth and bones. The principle of dental and oral health should be started since the child is in the womb.

Avoid foods that contain sugar and stickiness or are difficult to clean. Eating fruits can improve self cleansing of the ability of the oral cavity to keep the tooth hygiene by means of massage between fibrous foods with teeth, and gums. So that the teeth and gums become cleaner and healthy. Foods that can improve self cleansing include fruits and vegetables. Oranges have high vitamin C and ascorbic acid. Vitamin C can help prevent thrush, swollen and bleeding gums, accelerate recovery, soften the skin, and strengthen the immune system. In addition, vitamin C also helps the absorption of iron. Carotene in citrus fruits can maintain healthy eyes, skin, and help bone formation. Thiamin (vitamin B1) converts carbohydrates into glucose, which acts as a force for the nervous system and brain and reduces the risk of cataracts. In citrus fruit jugaterdapat source of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. Calcium helps the formation of bone dangigi and overcome the problem of blood clotting in addition to calcium also stabilize muscle and nerve reactions. fosforms assist the formation of bones and cheeks. While potassium to maintain healthy blood and brain flow, helps the body’s circulation and improve cell metabolism and brain.

Dental and oral problems in pregnant women, usually include cavities / caries, tartar, gum smear and bad breath. Treatment of dental caries that has not resulted in a hole (white patch), can be cured with fluoride therapy. New caries of pits and fissures on chewable surfaces can be prevented by the pit & fissure sealant, ie the closure of a chewable surface niche with a dental fixture, with the hope that the caries process can be stopped. If the caries has reached email or dentin, it is necessary to do the teeth filling. When caries has been about tooth nerve, dental nerve care is required. The principle of hollow tooth care is to be closed or crushed. The perforated tooth can not heal itself. If this is not done, the caries will get bigger and continue so that the more pain, eventually the tooth is dead and can not be saved so that the tooth should be revoked. Caries can actually be prevented, ie with regular brushes with fluoride toothpaste, especially after breakfast and night before bed. In addition to reducing sweet and sticky foods and check or regular control to the dentist at least every 6 months. The tartar can be prevented by regular and regular cleaning with scalling to the dentist. Bloody gums can be caused by several factors such as the number of tartar or plaque, the habit of brushing teeth is wrong, or using abrasive bristles, and include the habit of drinking alcohol and smoking. Prevention of bleeding gums can be done with regular maintenance such as brushing teeth, using cleaning teeth or mouthwash. In addition, many consume fibrous and juicy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

In principle, the dental and oral health of pregnant women need to be maintained in order to maintain the health condition of mother sertabayi who conceived primarily prepare early on the next generation with the teeth and mouth healthy and perfect.


drg. Laelia Dwi Anggraini, Sp.KGA

UMY Lecturer

Dentist specialist RSGM UMY child

Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No.17 Yogyakarta