PT. Unilever Indonesia through Pepsodent product cooperates with Faculty of Medicine Health Sciences Faculty of Dentistry University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held National Dental Health Month (BKGN) 2014 at UMY Asri Medical Center (AMC) Hospital Yogyakarta on Wednesday (08 / 10).

The event which was initiated in 2010 also cooperated with Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI) and Association of Dentistry Faculty of Indonesia (AFDOGDI) regularly held BKGN activities in various Dentistry Prodi in Yogyakarta.

At RSGM Asri Medical Center which is planned to be closed on this day with mass toothbrush event which was participated by 300 elementary students from Pepsodent assisted schools in Yogyakarta. It is as a form of planting good habits for dental and dental purposes with daily tooth brushing activities.

In addition to providing free health services for the community that includes dental hygiene services, simple patching of cavities, simple removal of non-surgical tooth, BKGN also educates elementary school students about dental and oral health on drawing and coloring methods.

Representing the chief executor of Drg. Ukky Tiara MDS, c, .Sp. KGA, Chief Executive of Activity Activities revision of this activity as a means of education for the public to improve the dental health and mouth of Indonesian society at all ages. Young children, adolescents, to adults, and they are expected to continue to take care of their teeth, but also this form of Dental devotion facilitated by Pepsodent to the community.

“Annual activities like this as a means of educating the improvement of dental health of people of all ages, young children, adolescents to parents by providing knowledge, and they are expected to continue to maintain the teeth and also this form of dental devotion facilitated by pepsodent to the community” encountered in between -bashing activities.

In addition, the Princess of one of the communities who participated in this event is like this, considering the cost of dental care is currently quite expensive, so he did not waste this opportunity.

“Yes I signed up even though I have to queue up is not what, because now the cost of care is very expensive gigikan yes, and this is also an opportunity for people to care and clean teeth geratis, so I do not want to waste this opportunity” he explained.

Along with these activities, the resultant information from the registration committee, in this event Pepsodent with UMY dentistry attracted 1000 participants within 3 days, and about 400 participants per day. (Shidqi)