The first five years of the child’s development phase is the ‘golden age’ period is a golden period in the child’s growth and development period. At this time everything that is poured and absorbed in the self, will be the basis and a sharp memory in the child. It is related to dental health, if this child’s golden age has formed memory, behaviors, habits and attitudes about how to care for the teeth and mouth, then this attitude of life will carry later adult. So the knowledge of how to live clean and healthy, including maintaining dental health needs to be invested in this toddler. Parents can be a model or an example of this behavior, of course we as parents also need to be an example for our children. How do children want to brush their teeth at night before bed, if the parents also never menyontohkannya.

In infancy, children experience periods of deciduous dentition (milk teeth). Signs of the emergence of the gigisusu, among others: the child’s cheeks heated up and flushed when the temperature warms up, the child is often restless and fussy, the pain and discomfort in the mouth, excessive saliva out. Clinically seen gums become mild, itchy, swollen or hot. Also looks white patches, or even like a white bone (which is actually a tooth seed) appearing on his gums. Children are also seen biting things, from the fingers of the hand, sometimes the tip of a shirt or cloth, or even the tip of his favorite pillow & bolsters. The presence of pain and discomfort causes the child difficult to rest during the day, even at night.

How to make the child comfortable in the process of teething milk growth? We can offer objects or foods that can comfort children, such as bites, hard biscuits, or small cut fruits so that children can use to stimulate the growth of milk teeth. But perludiperhatikan, that the provision of food or this object of course in the supervision, that is, do not let tujuankita to stimulate the growth of teeth, but instead the child is choking because the object or food that we give it. In addition, we can massage (massage) our clean finger on the child’s gums so as to reduce discomfort.

Actually, why do we need to keep a baby’s milk teeth? Milk teeth are very important because the teeth can affect the shape of the face and smile


drg. Laelia Dwi Anggraini, Sp.KGA

UMY Lecturer

Dentist specialist RSGM UMY child

Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No.17 Yogyakarta